A bite plate is an acrylic piece moulded to the teeth to be worn day or night to prevent the top teeth from coming in contact with the lower ones.

The function of a bite plate is to absorb some of the stress of bruxism forces and clenching, relax the jaw muscles to ease the tension.

Relieve jaw joints (TMJ) and decrease pain.

Limit the progression of tooth decay by bruxism, and limit the deterioration of the supporting bone.

Dual Laminated Night Guards are designed for moderate to severe teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching (bruxism). Soft on the inside, hard on the outside. Ideal for persons suffering from light, moderate bruxism.

Whitening Tray / Bleaching Tray are thin, and flexible which slip onto the upper and/or lower teeth and are custom designed for the patient’s mouth. The custom-fit nature to the whitening tray provides a small reservoir on each tooth with sealing on the gingival surface of the tooth to allow ideal comfort while it rests in the patient’s mouth.